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Our TEAM is here for you. We strategize under a structure that has been well thought to maximize benefits and optimize revenues

In this current world we thrive to differentiate ourselves from the rest. Our priority is to make your money work for you, this makes a difference in the creation of wealth. We go outside the box: building generational wealth for our clients, means we will do better ourselves, creating an environment where everybody wins! That is what we strive for, where we ALL obtain maximized gains.

FPSII has an underlying structure that will allocate assets and secure them, protecting them, balancing the liabilities that always are present. Our knowledge and management makes you money work for you and adds value to the investment properties. Making space for ease of mind.


Meet Our Team

We are a multilingual, multicultural, international team that understands different needs and visions of people in the market and their expectations. We are here to show you the way to abundance so that you may enjoy your hard work through the years, now it is time for you to see the money you have worked so hard for, work for you and grow!

You can only work so many hours of the day, let your money work 24 hours a day for you!

Welcome to the next step of your future.


Shamaz was mentored by the “good old boys”, since he was 17 years of age he was thrust deep into the financial world, managing Billions of dollars. Now, he has more than 30 years of experience under his belt. Shamaz knows how to create opportunities when a financial crisis occurs, in short when everybody is losing money he knows how to make money. Shamaz is the gold standard you need in your corner to identify opportunities and buffer the risk.



Dominque, restauranteur of fine dinning,  entrepreneur, and engineer, is an expert in service quality and personal relations.

She is all about building and shaping win-win situations in all aspects of life; Dominique is there to help and walk with clients this path to enter a new exciting adventure of building generational wealth and prosperity.


Medellin - Orlado

Ivan is a highly skilled Civil Engineer specializing in Highways and Transportation. He brings his expertise to infrastructure investment projects, adeptly structuring both public and private initiatives. Ivan has served as a trusted consultant top construction companies and public entities, providing invaluable guidance in their pursuits.

Ivan harbors a true passion for properties and their development.
With a track record of successful land investments exceeding 100 million dollars, his extensive experience in Real Estate Project Analytics empowers him to optimize utility by implementing industry standards and leveraging technical concepts. He also possesses a unique skill set in structuring special Free Trade Zone projects, adding further value to his knowledge.

Aligned with our team’s strong commitment to delivering excellence, Ivan shares the objective of contributing to the growth and advancement of infrastructure and real estate sectors.

By connecting with like-minded professionals and organizations who share a similar passion, we aim to create impactful infrastructure and real estate projects.

The teams goals is to expand its circle of influence to achieve remarkable results and shape a better future.


U.K- Manchester

Christian not only finds amazing opportunities, but has vision and creative genius to see the value which he always wants to share, it’s one of the things he does best. Often found working side by side with construction workers and later with bankers and HNIs, he is certainly the one you need in your corner when it comes to owning property, making it beautiful and turning it into a money maker.


U.K- London

Sarah, is low profile, the sleeper, heavy hitter who nobody has heard about. She is a Real Estate Broker and self made millionaire and an expert in multi-unit property management, with financial expertise in taxation, insurances, billing, HOA and all the minutia of having and owning institutional grade income properties.

Start now the next wealth journey with us.

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Start now the next wealth journey with us.

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